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What is Swing Dancing?

Swing Dancing refers to a variety of dances that developed and were popular back around the ‘swing’ era of jazz. This was from about the mid 20s through to the mid 40s and the time when jazz was the most exciting and popular form of music in the United States.  As the music evolved so too did the dancing.  Two of the swing dances that were developed that people recognise today are Charleston and West Coast Swing, while some of the lesser known dances that are still done today are Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Blues.  The big shift in music happened when the dixieland sound of big bands gave way to the swing sound, which allowed the biggest dance of them all, the Lindy Hop, to develop.

What is the Lindy Hop?

The Lindy Hop is the biggest of the swing dances. You know those movies set during WW2 where the dance scenes have girls being thrown through the air? Well, that’s modern Hollywood’s version of it! They’re Jitterbugs dancing the Jitterbug and going crazy on the dance floor! Don’t worry, in reality you can go through an entire night without leaving the ground.

It developed at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York back in the 30s and was pretty much a street dance that evolved over time with the dancers imitating and out doing each other.  The big bands were the music of the era, and when they started to swing, so did the dancers.  It’s said the first musician who really began to swing was Louis Armstrong, when he joined the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra.  Other big bands followed suite like Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Count Basie.  To this day Lindy Hoppers celebrate and dance to the music from this era.

This clip from the movie Hellzapoppin’ is one of the original and best clips of all time.   To show you the smooth and playful side of Lindy Hop, we’ve included a clip of Thomas and Alice, two of our favourite modern Lindy Hoppers.

About Us

Our School

Perth Swing Dance Academy is a dance school dedicated to the vintage swing dancing of the jazz era. We also focus our attention on the culture of the swing dances including the music and the musicians, the styles and fashion, the language, and the major events of the time.

Our Community

We are more than a school. We are a community of Lindy Hoppers that come together to share this dance experience. It is a fun and friendly environment where people can ask anyone else to dance and feel valued. This community extends worldwide to every Lindy Hop scene on the planet. Wherever there is Lindy Hop, you will find friends.

Our Style 

Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging for our students, with an easy path to learning to social dance well. We believe in smooth dance connections that make each partner feel comfortable, while still being able to be musical and creative.

Our Passion

The Lindy Hop encompasses all aspects of dance from social dancing to performance, body awareness, and connection with your partner and to the music. It can be a fun silly dance or it can be profoundly creative and expressive. It is this richness of Lindy Hop that we wish to share with everyone that they may find themselves by losing themselves in the dance.

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