Swing Dance Performances!

Perth Swing Dance Academy offer exciting and energetic Lindy Hop or authentic Charleston floor shows in full vintage wear.

The SDA Performance Troupe are a group of talented and passionate dancers who love to burn up the dance floor!  They are available for any type of show including corporate events and private functions.  If you have a Great Gatsby theme our performance team are perfect for the occasion with their flapper dresses and specialized Charleston dancing!

Our performances can incorporate a combination of these formats:


This is usually between 5 and 10 minutes and involves us performing some of our exciting and energetic choreographed routines.

Check out our performance team’s showreel!

Social Dancing

This can be as long as you’d like and is great for creating a bit of atmosphere at the event. It involves us dancing either to our own music or music you provide.

Lindy Bombs!

A favourite amongst us and our students, Lindy Bombs work well with less formal events like fairs etc. and provide your patrons some unexpected entertainment!  Traditionally they involve Lindy Hoppers dancing in unexpected locations, from night clubs to shopping centres. We’ll just bring our stereo, organise a time to meet and start dancing.

Swing DJs

Our experienced Swing DJs will be able to provide some swingin’ tunes and take you back in time to the era where big bands play. Our DJs have DJed for dance events around the world.

Group Lesson

Get your guests up and on the dance floor!  We can conduct a short dance lesson for your guests, which can be an Intro Class or a Big Apple.

Intro Classes We will provide some easy moves for your guests, this can be solo Charleston in the Great Gatsby style, or partnered swing.  If it’s a partnered dance we get people to come up and dance with a partner. We can either rotate partners or ask them to stay with the person they came up with if you prefer.  This can be used as an ice breaker or a fun way for guests to socialise with each other!

The Big Apple (Solo vintage jazz steps or Charleston steps) Additionally we can even run a “Big Apple” where we encourage your guests up on the dance floor, teach them a few fun, solo jazz steps which they then dance while we call them out. This is always a great way to get everyone onto the dance floor and keep the party going while the DJ or bands kicks off their set after.

Team Showcase Performance for World Lindy Hop Day 2018

Film and Television

If you’d like to hire us for film or television projects, click here for more details

Not quite sure what you’d like?

No problem, we’ve all had several years in performance teams around Perth so we have a fair idea of what works. We can organise a time to meet up and chat about your event, the guests you expect and what you’d like to achieve and we can put something together for you.

Email us at info@perthswingdanceacademy.com for more information or give us a call at 0402 556 956

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