Film and Television

Does your vision include a ballroom filled with the Charleston dancers of Prohibition era, or the Swing dancers of the Jazz Age?

Maybe you need your background people to be dressed in vintage to give it that authentic vibe.

Perhaps you really want some aerial showstoppers to look good on film!

From the Great Gatsby to Mad Men, and even Captain America in The Avengers, swing dancing is becoming popular on TV.  The Perth Swing Dance Academy can help you to fill your ballroom with dapper dressed people jiving their feet with crazy energy!

We have been involved in a number of TV projects, and we were most excited about being invited to be background dancers for the PBS Period Drama, “Indian Summers.”

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WA Weekender

SDA had their own segment on the WA lifestyle program “WA Weekender.”  Here’s the full clip.

Indian Summers

PBS period drama, from the same makers as “Downton Abbey.”  We were very excited to fly to Penang and film in a lavish colonial house.  As well as bringing the house down with the Lindy Hop, we were somehow convinced to do some Waltz too!

Check out the trailer, you’ll spot us at the 10 second mark! If you’d like to watch more, we’re in Season 1 Episode 5

Very Vintage Day Out – Season 03 Episode 07

Sara and Shawn sit down for a chat with Juicee Delight and talk about what they love about swing dancing and show her a few moves!

“Crazy” Music Video Clip

SDA dancers were shown in Nicola Milan’s video clip for “Crazy,” doing the Lindy Hop sequences.  Here are a couple of behind-the-scene photos.

Floor Shows

You can also hire us for floor shows at your events. For more information on hiring our performance team, click here

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