Our classes focus on the authentic Lindy Hop style of the 1930s delivered in a fun and friendly environment. We’ve taught people who have never danced before through to professional dancers of other styles so we understand that everyone learns at a different rate.

You Don’t Need A Partner. We rotate partners during the class

How do you start? Just drop in at our weekly level 1 class, your ‘term’ starts when you do!

Lindy Hop

Beginner (Level 1) Lindy Hop

Excitement for Lindy Hop starts from the first moment you see dancers burning up the dance floor.  We’ll get you dancing like that in the first lesson by doing fun easy routines.   We start from the beginning so you don’t need any prior dance experience.   Classes are all drop in and start with the basics but since they are loosely tied in with the previous week, we recommend attending weekly to build on the previous lesson, but if that’s not possible, you’ll do fine just dropping in when you can!

Our beginner classes run weekly at all locations. Click here for more info on our beginner classes!

Intermediate (Level 2) Lindy Hop


Got your head around the basics in the Beginners Level?  Are you hooked on Lindy and want to go deeper?  Then come to Intermediate as well where the moves are more challenging and varied.  We’ll teach you some of the classic moves of the era, some jazz steps, and fancy variations.  We’ll also begin to dip into the technique behind the magic of Lindy with a focus on going to events and dancing socially.

To progress to intermediates, you need to be comfortable with the basic patterns that we cover in beginners. We are always on the lookout for students ready to step up, so your teachers will let you know when they feel you’re ready but feel free to have a chat to them if you’re super keen!

Best of all, our intermediate students get to do beginners for free!

Our intermediate level classes run right after the Level 1 class.

Advanced Level Lindy Hop

Our Advanced Level classes go deep into the Lindy Hop.  Here we continue to explore the connection between follow and lead and how that can be expressed through the music. We dance slow, we dance fast (super fast), this is where you get to really challenge yourself and push your dancing!

Advanced classes run as part of our speciality series. If you’ve been dancing for a while and would like to step up, speak to one of our teachers. 

For more information on our advanced classes, head over to:

Air Steps

Beginner Level Air Steps

Aerials, or as Frankie Manning called them, “Air steps” are where one partner goes up into the air.  They are very fun and after you successfully do one you feel a great sense of exhilaration!  At this level we work on safe technique to be able to achieve simple lifts.  We do these every so often and you must do one of our Beginner Air Steps Workshops in order to do later levels.

Intermediate Level Air Steps

Intermediate Air Steps are more sophisticated jumps and flips that wow audiences with their acrobatic movements and crazy energy.  They require a certain level of fitness and strength to enable each partner to hold their own weight and absorb the impact of each aerial. You must do a Beginner Air Steps Workshop in order to do this level.

Advanced Level Air Steps

On the rare occasion we do one of these, make sure you grab the chance!  The advanced level air step workshops combine various aerials and do some of the more superhero moves that make people’s jaws drop to the floor!  After these workshops you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling the Lindy Hopper’s greatest dream to dance like these guys, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, in the greatest video clip ever, Hellzapoppin’!  You need to be fit to do these aerials, and you must have a lot of experience with our other levels in order to attempt these workshops.  Because of their nature, these workshops are by invite only.

Solo Charleston and Authentic Jazz

Held as part of our specialty series, this is the place to learn the vintage solo dances of the 1920’s and 30’s!  Learn how to Charleston correctly, the 1920’s way, and bust out these cools moves to the old big bands of the day.  You’ll also learn some of the other interesting dances and steps of the day including Truckin’, Shortie George, and Spank the Baby!

Collegiate shag

Collegiate shag is one of the original swing dances from the 1930s and 40s, and it’s still popular today among dancers who love fast and lively music. It’s a fun way to express your energy and creativity, and it’s easy to learn.

For more info on our Collegiate Shag classes, head over to

Private Lessons

These are great for anyone that’s either not too confident about dancing with a group, wanting to improve fast or need to learn to dance for a specific occasion like a wedding. You can book a private with any of our regular teachers when they are available. For more information on private lessons have a look here

Other Classes

Look out for our other styles of classes that draw from the rich background of swing dancing, including vintage Solo and Partnered Routines (Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple)

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