Beginner (Level 1) Swing Dance Classes

I want to learn to swing dance right now!

That’s fantastic!  Swing it out now at one of our locations across Perth that teach weekly beginner swing classes.  You can casually drop in to any beginner class.   And the best thing is you don’t need a partner or previous dance experience!

Our weekly beginner lindy hop classes run:

Wednesdays in Vic Park at “The Holy Trinity Church Hall” – 18 Whittlesford St, East Victoria Park

If you’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a while and are comfortable with the basics, we also have Intermediate (level 2) classes, running after the beginner lesson. If you feel you’re ready to step up a level, have a chat with any of our teaching team!

So how do classes work?
All our classes are drop in, so you can start whenever you want to! However, they have been planned to work well in a sequence, so if you attend several weeks in a row, you progress even faster!

Our drop in rate is $20 per class and you can also get a 6 class pass for $90. It’s valid for a whole year and you just get a class ‘ticked’ off the card, whenever you attend!

For more detailed information on our classes and levels, click here

What should I bring/wear to class?

You just need to bring a bottle of water, wear flat shoes and wear comfy clothes.
If it’s your first time, try and get to class about 10 minutes early so you have enough time to fill in the registration for etc.

Why should I start swing dancing?

Well, we believe Lindy Hop is the most fun, exciting and dynamic dance of all time!

If that’s not reason enough, you’ll be meeting some new people, listening to some great music, getting fit and just having fun!

Intermediate (Level 2) Classes

In order to progress to intermediates, you need to be comfortable with the basic patters and some of the essential moves, like the iconic Swing Out. Your teachers will keep an eye on you in class and let you know when they feel you’re ready for the next step but if you’re keen, just talk to them about it.

Our beginner classes are planned so that you always have something new to learn in Level 1, in fact quite a few of our intermediates do both levels!

Experienced Swing Dancer or looking for something different?

We regularly run special classes ranging from solo jazz to deep nerdy dives into lindy hop technique. For more info on these classes, click here!

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