“It’s who’s birthday?” was on everybody’s lips this month. So in honour of Who we’re having a WhoHop, to celebrate all things Doctor Who and Sci-fi! Other people having birthdays this month are Azza, Sara and Maddy, so make sure you get a birthday dance with them.

Dress up in any Sci-fi character across all of space and time, or better yet, dress up in the character whose clothes are simply awesome to wear! (Hey, Azza would walk around in a 9m scarf any day!)

Word has it that we have a performance of a routine that has been worked on for a couple of months now …

We’ll also have great DJ’ed music and a “Best Costume Competition.” (Shall we just give the prize to Michael now?)

Bring a plate to share.

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WHAT: WhoHop
WHEN: 7-12pm, Saturday 25th July
WHERE: Subud Hall, 222 Shepperton Rd, EAST VIC PARK
COST: $5 entry