1920s Partnered Charleston – 2 week series

Get ready for Prohibition! – No Experience is needed!

Back in the roaring ’20s, the Charleston became the new dance craze that swept the country. It was the most scandalous dance of its age, and “flappers” dancing the Charleston and drinking illicit alcohol in speakeasies is an iconic image of the prohibition era in the United States. Shawn and Bethany are bringing this upbeat and energetic dance to you focussing on Partner Charleston.

The class will be covering the basics in the first week! So no experience is needed! It’ll also include moves and musicality to challenge more experienced dancers.

Week 2 will build on week 1’s moves and by the end of week 2, you’ll be able to mix it with your regular lindy!

Be ready for any upcoming Prohibition Party coming up! *wink wink* !

Dates: 15 & 22 July 2015
Beginner Lindy 7pm, Partnered Charleston 8pm
Cost $15 or a tick off your card!