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This registration covers you and your partner for $40 ($20 each)

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This registration covers you and your partner for $40 ($20 each)

Introducing our latest series of workshops to help you push your lindy to the next level, SDA Lindyworks!

Thinking about competing at Swan City Show down? Maybe you’re a bit curious about competitions and aren’t sure where to start or just want to add a bit more style and flair to your dancing?

We’ve got the perfect class for you! Covering “The Feels”, the musicality, working with your partner, phrasing, tips on how to capture the judge and audience’s attention as well as formats for typical lindy hop competitions, this class will get you pumped with ideas on how to prepare for your next (perhaps first) competition!

As this is a competition class, you MUST sign up with a partner and we’ll be limiting spots to 10 couples.

Bron and Shawn have competed at Lindy Focus, Montreal Swing Riot, O-Town Showdown, Lindy Bout, SEA JAM, Frankie 100, Toronto Blues Battle… pretty much every chance they could. They’ve entered, placed, sometimes won but ALWAYS had fun and would love to share some of their tips and learning experiences with you.

When: Aug 20th
Where: Waylan Bay Scout Hall – 1 The Strand, Applecross
Time: 12:30 to 2
Cost: $20 per person (must sign up with a partner)